It was July 1st when I picked up my now-partner’s camera (a Nikon D80) asking “so, how does this thing work?”. When he started explaining the general functions – aperture, shutter, iso – and asked me to take several test shots I noticed that this is really fun. I had never pictured myself a photographer before, but the more pictures I took the more I enjoyed my new hobby.

We went on several photo tours in and around Vancouver and given my natural curiosity, I always also wanted to learn a little bit about the history of the places we took photos of. After a while we thought this might also be interesting for other photographers, whether they are hobby photographers or more professional ones.

This blog hopefully gives you an idea of photo opportunities for cities you’re about to visit or the city you’re living in right now; no matter if you’re using your cellphone or a new high-tech camera. And for the curious ones I also sprinkled in a little bit of historical information about the places you’re about to photograph.

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