Self-guided Photo Tour Through Madrid’s Parks

Enjoy a nice self-guided photo tour through Madrid’s parks located at the east of town. This tour is perfect for a hot summer day with lots of shade from the trees, or just to relax for a while from the busy touristy areas in Madrid’s city center. Since the route will take you mostly from west to east, it’s best to take the tour in the afternoon to avoid facing the sun most of the time.

Príncipe Pío Train Station

Madrid train station principe pius

Start the Tour at the Príncipe Píus Train Station

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Vancouver by Rain: SkyTrain Photo Tour

Capturing motion when entering a station

Capturing motion when entering a station

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world for sure, but definitely also one with the most rainfall per year. As beautiful as Vancouver is, you have to keep in mind that there is a good chance for rain at least one day during your visit. So what can you do in Vancouver by rain? If you’re a photographer and like geometry, finding lines for photos, or just playing around with different settings of your camera, a ride with the Vancouver SkyTrain might just be for you. Read more